YACA matches every member into specialized groups and connects them with a mentor help them on their career journey.


Swallow Member (Age 4-9)

This is the exciting start of a life long adventure in aviation. Swallows develop imagination, character and self determination through interaction with Mentors.


Falcon Member (Age 10-13)

The aviation enthusiast is enriched by introduction to the experience of flight in hands on programs where members can climb into an airplane simulator, taxi down a runway and take on a controlled airspace.


Eagle Member (Age 14-20)

The young eagles interact with mentors in the aviation industry and are introduced to the benefit of business aviation to community and the paths to aviation careers through job mirroring and industrial attachments.


Mentor Member (Aviation Professionals)

Mentors are custodians of the spirit of aviation. These are professional in aviation and related industries who work together to help develop and nature the young aviators dream into maturity.


Owl / Individual Member

This is for adults who have an interest in the aviation industry and believe in investing and mentoring the youths.


Corporate Member

These are corporates that appreciate aviation in business and desire to see Africa develop an edge in aviation.