flight experience/joy ride registration form

Please complete the form as conclusively as possible. Incomplete forms will not be considered. All forms MUST also be accompanied by proof of payment. All completed forms should be returned via EMAIL ONLY to info@youngaviatorsclub.com with the title Mentor Membership Registration.

Participant Registration

Pilot/Instructor Registration

Complete and sign the lower portion of this form and make sure the reverse side is signed before the flight/joy ride.
Following the flight, send the form as soon as possible to the YACA Secretariat. Only registration received at the YACA Secretariat can be entered into the YACA member's Logbook.


I certify that I meet the guidelines for participation in the YACA programme; I am a current YACA Mentor, I hold a KCAA Pilot License, valid medical certificate; I am current in the aircraft I will fly and have a current flight review. I also have a passenger liability insurance and the aircraft I will fly is in airworthy condition.

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