The Young Aviators Club of Africa (YACAfrica) is a premium African Aviation Club for young people with the purpose of nurturing and developing Africa’s Next Generation of Aviation and Aerospace Professionals. YACAfrica was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

YACAfrica primes youth for entry into the industry to ensure continued availability of trained, skilled, licensed and experienced professionals by creating an enabling environment. The club nurtures members’ dreams into reality through hands on mentorship under a STEAM based age relevant progressive program spread from ages 4 to 27.


Nurturing future aviators to global excellence.


To create interest and build capacity among the African youth in Aviation and Aerospace.


• Facilitate and promote innovation and creativity.

• Partner for skills development and scholarships.

• Initiate and involve youth in aviation and aerospace events.

• Advocate for quality and affordable training .

• Transit youth from academia into the industry.

• Promote a culture of peace and voluntarism.

• Advocate for youth mental and reproductive health.

• Environmental conservation and action towards net zero emissions.

• Promoting inclusivity, tolerance and diverse interests.

• Camaraderie and fun under a club set up.

Our core values are founded around passion, practice and excellence.